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What counts as 'complex'?

  • Large information sets
  • Inter-related and thorny details
  • Technical or niche topics
  • Multiple audience types
  • Multiple types of data / information
  • Existing systems and compliance requirements
  • Confidential or sensitive elements

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Big Scary Topics
Complex can just be BIG and detailed in disguise. In these situations. it is often hard to know where to begin creating a solution that successfully communicates.
Sciency & Technical
Communicating technical topics is also a challenge. This is hard enough to do face to face, or via training courses, let alone over the web. Browse around for examples, inspiration and guides.
Need to drive change
Often detailed information is being provided to promote practice or behavioural change. Driving change on a passive media like the web is tricky – but achievable!

Building a content marketing strategy for your brand

There was a time when marketing was simpler. When advertising men wore sharp suits with ties and drank martinis. When a web site was where a spider lived. And when media selection boiled down to a choice between TV and print.

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Salvaging the solution

Everyone’s offering a solution these days. Moving house? Use Acme Moving Solutions. Need your garden cleaned up? Call Bob’s Gardening Solutions. Need a plumber? Look up ABC Plumbing Solutions. Soon we won’t be buying our cars from car dealers, but from mobility solution companies. We’ll go for dinner at a food solution outlet and we’ll do our tax with an …

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Staying sane in a world with a trillion web pages

When the Internet hit the mainstream in the late 90s it began a fundamental shift in the way we think about and use information.  Things that were once scarce or expensive – leaked government documents, encyclopaedias, John Coltrane’s back catalogue – suddenly became available very easily and free of charge.

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Apple: is history repeating?″>most

Remember the 80s? Girls wore leg warmers, mobile phones were bigger than a small fridge and Bob Hawke was PM of Australia. It was also the decade when Apple launched – with arguably the most famous TV ad of all time – the Macintosh, the first personal computer with a graphical interface (wow). It was a big deal. ‘Macs’, as …

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A different way of looking at testing

Testing is always the boring bit. You’ve developed a new website/piece of software/app/widget, you’ve loaded all the content and got the designs just right. But before you can press go you know you’ve got to do proper testing to uncover any bugs.  Essential, yes – but also time consuming and expensive. Or is it?

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Managing ‘Great Expectations’ in the digital age

A few recent events have triggered conversations with clients and industry colleagues on the topic of expectations, and expectation management. It sounds like (and probably is) a clinical, political even cynical term, but yet it plays such a vital role in our everyday lives.

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Hacking & taking preventative measures

I don’t want to set off unnecessary alarm bells, but there has been a lot of coverage of domain and hosting server hacking recently. The media is reporting that Distribute.IT have been hacked and up to 4800 websites have been unrecoverably wiped out. I can only imagine the impact to their clients, and of course their own business.

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The state of the web?

The internet has many faces – almost as many as the people that browse around it. Some have argued that Facebook acted as a catalyst / facilitator for the unrest in North Africa, others have used twitter and YouTube to track down criminals (including the police!) On the other hand it helped transform ‘The worst song in the world’ into a hit…

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Facebook a threat to the web?

Sir Tim Berners-Lee (who for some reason continues to remind me of a character from the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy) has warned that some of the biggest online players such as Facebook are beginning to erode the core principles of the web.

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SEO experts reveal all

MarketingSherpa released some revealing survey results earlier this month that paint an interesting picture:  The most effective (and used) SEO Tactics.

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